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Data Reports and Resources

Reports, maps, and charts are best viewed on a desktop or tablet.

NOVA Region Dashboard 2020 Census
Fact Sheets

Regional Fact Sheets

Demographic and Economic Highlights

Demographic and Economic Fact Sheet snapshot with link to the report

Demographic and economic overview of the region.

Last updated: June 5, 2024

Monthly Report


Population Change Fact Sheet.png

Population change trends before and after the pandemic, including components of change:

  • Domestic migration

  • International migration

  • Births/deaths

Last updated: April 5, 2024

Annual Report


Regional Reports and Studies


Tracking Report

Economic Tracking Report  snapshot image with link to the report

A report tracking  economic indicators, including labor force, employment, unemployment, and industry sectors. 

Last updated: May 31, 2024

Monthly Report

Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment report snapshot image with link to the report

A report on foreign direct investment that uncovers the depths of economic engagement and activity that Northern Virginia has with the world. Published October 31, 2023. 


Key highlights of the report are listed in a report infographic.

A corresponding map highlights the countries with direct economic contributions in Northern Virginia.

Special Report

State of the Region:
Economic Recovery and Transformation from COVID-19 Pandemic

State of the Region Report snapshot with link to the report

A report on the state of the Northern Virginia region's economic recovery and the transformation from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Published July 2022.

Special Report

Supporting Northern Virginia's
Minority Owned Businesses

Minority-Owned Businesses report snapshot image with link to the report

A study on the minority-owned business community, how they were impacted by the pandemic, and recommendations for supporting them through the pandemic economic recovery and in the future beyond the pandemic. Published June 2021.

Special Report


One Region:
Welcoming New Americans to
Northern Virginia

One Region snapshot with link to the report

A study of the economic impact of immigrants to the region. Published March 2020.

Special Report

One Region:

One Region report addendum snapshot image with link to the report

A study addendum to the original report that was published in March 2020.  This addendum assessed the economic impact of immigrants relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis response.  Published October  2020.

Special Report

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