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Labor Force: COVID-19 Pandemic

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Labor Force

Key Facts Labor Force - COVID-19

Immigrants are heavily represented among the region's frontline essential and healthcare workforce fighting against the virus and keeping the region running.

Workers in essential industries are typically unable to work remotely, increasing their risk of exposure to the disease.

Workers in non-essential industries have been severely affected by the economic fallout of the coronavirus outbreak, especially those who cannot work remotely or whose places of work depend normally on face-to-face interaction. 

2014 to 2018 Period

Key Facts:​

  • More than an estimated 410,000 workers in Northern Virginia work in essential industries and occupations. ​

  • 47.9 percent of all essential workers in Northern Virginia are foreign born.  The total population of Northern Virginia is 27.6% foreign born.  This indicates that immigrants are disproportionately affected.

  • More than 40 percent of all essential healthcare workers in Northern Virginia are foreign born.

  • Within essential healthcare occupations, foreign born makes up more than half of all nursing assistants, personal care aides, lab technologists and technicians, and licensed practical or vocational nurses.

  • 38.7 percent of all non-essential industry workers in Northern Virginia are foreign born.

  • STEM work is vital to Northern Virginia's economy.  Foreign born workers comprise more than half of financial services and more than one quarter of transportation, retail trade, educational services, and healthcare and social services.

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